General Club Noticeboard : SLOW PLAY !! LETS BEAT IT

Hi All

Please Please Please can we all ensure that when playing that we take all steps possible to avoid slow play. It has been brought to our attention that particular on a Sunday morning that some groups have been losing ground on the players in front of them which has an knock on effect to the groups following and causes some ill feeling which we all want to avoid.

So Please if you feel your group is losing holes can you remind your fellow players to try to catch up to avoid hold ups


Rob Challis 

Eight Tips Guaranteed to Improve Pace of Play

Avoiding slow play on the golf course is one of the keys to enjoyment

The tips below aren’t designed to rush players but instead to help them be ready to play. With that in mind, here are eight tips for improving pace of play.

  1. The easiest of all recommendations is to play ready-golf. There is no need to debate, particularly when you are in the fairway, who is furthest out. The first person who is ready should hit. That goes for the tee box as well.
  2. If you aren’t hitting, get ready to play. Know where and how far you want to hit the ball when it’s your turn swing.
  3. Don’t wait in the BUGGY for you partner. Drop him or her off, go to your ball and get ready for your shot. If you want to leave the cart, that’s fine, too, but take a couple clubs and start walking. Nothing wastes more time than sitting in the BUGGY watching someone else play.
  4.  Stroke and distance is the worst penalty in the game and it’s the nemesis of pace of play. If you must adhere strictly to the rules, hit a provisional if there is any doubt.
  5. Be aware of how much time you spend looking for balls in the woods. T
  6. Fill out the scorecard on the next tee box, not beside the green where you just putted out.
  7. olf is a thinking man’s game and using your head before you get to the ball will speed up play.
  8. Don’t mark every putt. If you have a two-footer or something just outside the leather, go ahead and knock the ball in the hole. You shouldn’t rush, but conversely, there is no need to slave over every putt as if The Masters is at stake.

If one player squanders just 30 seconds per hole, which isn’t hard to do, that’s nine minutes per round. The reality is the difference between playing in 4:00 and 4.30 hours isn’t as great as some might believe.

One MEMBER can back up an entire golf course. Don’t be that MEMBER


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