General Club Noticeboard : RULE ON HAZARDS

I have been asked just remind members of the rule with regards to ball entering a hazard, especially the lateral hazard left of the 1st fairway.

You must know for sure !!!

The first thing to stress is that if it is known or virtually certain” that your ball is in the hazard then you do not have to find it or retrieve it to be able to proceed under golf’s Water Hazards Rule (Rule 26). You then can drop into marked drop zones or 2 clubs length from the ball entry point no nearer the hole.

However, if it is not “known or virtually certain” that the ball is definitely in a water hazard (i.e. there wasn’t a clear splash and there is other undergrowth or vegetation close to the hazard where your ball could quite feasibly be), and the ball cannot be found, then you must proceed under Rule 27-1 instead (stroke and distance; ball not found within five minutes). ie PLAY FROM WHERE YOU THE LASTED PLAYED YOUR SHOT 

This is an important distinction, because it can make quite a significant difference due to the options available under the Water Hazards Rule – i.e. dropping close to the margins of the hazard rather than having to go back to where you last played from, which could be 250 yards away if it was a tee-shot.

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