A message from our Head-green keeper

General Club Noticeboard : A message from our Head-green keeper

Good Afternoon

I'm Rob Lawley your new Head Greenkeeper at Atherstone golf club, I've been green keeping for 16 years 10 of which were as head greenkeeper at Calderfields golf and country club I've got experience in golf course drainage and construction. I'm passionate about greenkeeping and golf which I've been playing since a junior and was a scratch golfer. I'm really looking forward to the challenge at AGC and meeting you all very soon.

My first impressions of AGC were that it is a golf course packed with potential, very unique and full of natural features.I'm very keen to help the course reach its potential, enhancing its natural beauty and boosting the ecology of the whole course. After taking some soil samples it was clear that the course is suffering from a build up of compaction resulting in slow water movement leading to shallow rooting, build ups toxins in the sub soil and water logging.

 Our aim is over the next few months when weather and ground conditions allow will be to start breaking up the compaction through a series of deep spiking, hollow coring and sub soil air injection to break up the compacted layer under the greens speeding up water percolation and allowing roots to travel down deeper.

To heavily topdress greens, tee and aprons with sand to help level areas, promote fine grass grow as well as aid drainage and help manage worm casts.

To start the introduction of good bacteria and fungi into the green and aprons this will be done by the application of natural extracts to help build a healthier sub soil. As currently the greens are very chemical dependent many of which are been banned and no longer available.

Overseeding on greens, tees and aprons introducing finer grasses which will handle the stresses of play and weather better resulting in better surfaces ( this will be ongoing over the next few years).

General tidying up on the course for example; leaf clearing, branch clearing, mole control, edging tee stones/ sprinklers etc.. trying to tidy to as many small jobs as we can ready to start the season.

 Future planning and project wll be ongoing on the course over the next few months I'll be looking and learning more and more about the course and will be putting together a plan for moving forward with drainage and further development of course.

Looking forward to meeting you all very soon and seeing you out golfing.


Stay safe

Many thanks

Rob Lawley


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